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The Wikipedia article for Sküljagger actually cites my manual transcript as a source, now. Due to this, I'm feeling pretty motivated.

So, here it is...the final chapter of the Sküljagger saga! )
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Previously, on "Sküljagger Manual," we learned a few shocking facts about this game, specifically:

-Sküljagger isn't a pirate.

-Storm Jaxon isn't a pirate.

-There are, in fact, no pirates in the game.

-The story is actually pretty interesting (at least, IMHO.)

Anyway, when we left off, Storm had shown off his cool stolen magical (sorry, but using "magic" as an adjective just bugs me) sword to his buddies Wits and Trina, the latter of whom had a bad feeling about this. Now for...

Chapter 2: The Revolution (a.k.a. The Tuscamesh Jemerald Party) )

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As you may or may not know, there was once a SNES game called Sküljagger: Revolt of the Westicans, which came with a 75-page manual that explained pretty much everything about the game's story, leading to much confusion about what the hecky heck-heck was going on, and causing people to assume things based on what little was actually in game. However, recently I found the manual uploaded by a nice fellow called Kingmike on SNES Central. With it in my possession, I decided to do my duty as someone in possession of rare knowledge, and transcribe it so that it's freely available to all. By the way, if you're wondering about the weird text formatting, it's because I took the formatting directly from the manual, and it sometimes shapes the text to fit in illustrations which I couldn't really include. So, here's Chapter 1. 

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