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Today's TT entry: action figures, techniques, and assimilated skills!


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As both a Let's Player and a Let's Play fan, I have my own ideas about what makes a good Let's Play...and about what makes a bad one, too. And there is one Let's Player who has done LOTS of things that, IMNSHO, make a bad LP. That LP'er is...The Dark Id. So, without further ado...

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So, something I like to do is look for Japanese info on video games and see what was different between versions, which is usually pretty interesting. Today, I decided to show off some of what I've learned. First, the characters of Brave Fencer Musashi, since there isn't much on the Japanese version in the English-speaking world, except for typical stuff about censorship of alcohol references. Since, again, there's already enough of that, I'll just point out other things I've noticed or got from BFM's Japanese Wikipedia page.

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 First of all, this is not intended to be offensive. It's just some of my thoughts on the types of Let's Plays I like and, as such, should just be seen as a LP fan expressing his opinion.

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Those are my thoughts. Make of them what you will. EDIT: Since making this, I found some board game and CYOA LPs at the archive. Whoops.
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 Date: 7/15/10

I was playing Super Mario RPG, and was in a place that looked a lot like Nimbus Castle, but with bizarre new enemies. The only one I can remember, though, was the "Hierophant Door," a giant door marked with the Japanese character "大" that, when killed, exploded and wiped out my whole party. There was also a weird dungeon-type area which looked like one of the lava areas in the Pipe Vault, where I fought the Czar Dragon, most likely to get some sort of item to open the Hierophant Door.
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For some reason, my PS2 seems to really hate SF. Sometimes in battle, it just locks up, but the music and character/monster animations just continue. It seems to be especially frequent when fighting Shellworms, Rockies, and/or Platoonpi. Also, a message to any GameFAQs SF message board posters reading this: There are no double-S's in Asellus' name. I don't think I need to say why this is such a problem. :P
It's still a great game, though, and I'm trying to beat Asellus' quest. I was close, but my memory card with all my SF data disappeared when I was moving to my new room. Anyway, catch you later! 8)
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Some of these I haven't actually experienced, I'm sad to say. :(
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Here's a philosophical question. Is the encounter rate in Tales of Destiny ridiculously high, or is the encounter rate in Final Fantasy VII ridiculously low? Well, maybe it's not so philosophical, but I have been wondering that. See, I've been playing Tales of Destiny recently, and I recently decided to take a break from it and play FFVII. While I was playing FFVII, I noticed that there seemed to be very few random encounters, especially when compared to ToD. Speaking of FFVII, I've noticed that two different walkthroughs on GameFAQs contain the same small, but annoying error- they both refer to Aero Combatants (the flying red soldiers on the Plate Support) as "Propellors." Considering that they have every other enemy name right, it seems extremely weird that they would both get Aero Combatant wrong. Well, that's all for now. Remember, beware the muffins. :)
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Well, I've started work on the character page for the shrine. Unfortunately, there's some sort of problem on Megspace and it won't let me access my CGI files, so I can't upload anything. But as soon as I can, I'll be sure to inform anyone reading this. Is anyone even reading this? Oh, well. TTFN!
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Well, here are a few more random things that I decided to post. First of all, I've realized that most cat-haters hate them for the same reason that cat-lovers love them- their independent streaks. Personally, I'm a cat person, but I can see why some people don't like them. I also have some more thoughts on "Live a Live."

-What happens if you train each pupil equally, by choosing to spar with each one four times?

-Is the god of Odeo Temple called Inko or Odeo? The chapter boss is called Inko Statue and if you read the priest's mind, he's thinking "Master Inko...Master Inko...". However, the temple is called Odeo Temple and when the boss is reviving, it says "Odeo has come!" or something like that.
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For those of you who haven't heard about it, Live-a-Live is an old SNES RPG that was never released outside of Japan, but has somewhat of a cult following in the US. It's pretty much a seven-in-one RPG pack, with a secret chapter after you complete the first seven, and then a final chapter where the first eight converge into one storyline. I just thought I'd post some of my thoughts on it.
-Where did O-Di-O come from? Was he a transformation of the Kuu tribe chief, or did he actually kill him? Or was it something completely different?
-What exactly was the purpose of the ceremony where Beru was supposed to be sacrificed?
-Why is Pogo so cruel to his supposed "friend," Gori?
-What exactly is a "Gigigaga Waka?" A "Beast Kaburi?" A "Busubusu Stick?"

-Where did Iwama come from? Is he Ode's pet, or some sort of giant ancient fish spirit who chooses to live in a castle moat, or what?
-Is there any way to give that merchant in the dungeon a drink?
-What is the purpose of that jar that asks you for Koban?
-Why does CircleTrap react so violently to mice?
-...SurprisedGuy? What kind of name is that for a piece of leg armor?

-What exactly do the Coal Tar and Horse **** traps do? They aren't shown during the ambush of the Crazy Bunch, but they work as traps, and they do seem to eliminate gang members.
-Were all of the Crazy Bunch created from the anger and hatred of the defeated 7th Cavalry, or just Dio? If it was the latter, then where did he recruit the others?

-Why is Odie so big compared to Masaru? I don't mean in battle, it's pretty much a given that enemy's battle avatars are bigger than those for allies in this game. I mean, his out-of-battle sprite is twice the height of Masaru's sprite.
-This is the only chapter with no Watanabe incarnation.

-I know that taiyaki is a fish-shaped pastry, but is it fish-flavored?
-Where do the Crusaders get their robots?
-Is there any point to watching the wrestling match on TV at Chibikko House?
-Before becoming a robot, Taro was a "red-eared tortoise." Kind of odd, seeing as tortoises- like all reptiles- don't have ears, of any color.

-The references with Kirk and Darth were pretty obvious, but are the names Huey and Rachel references to anything?
-Has anyone noticed that after you beat MotherCOM, the name of the computer changes from "OD-10" to "OD-01?"

-A woman in Lucretia during Orsted's send-off mentions that her sisters live in Familia. All right, but Familia has a total population of four, and only one woman.
-Who names their child Hash or Uranus?
-All of Straybow's "Paper foo" spells were actually supposed to be "Purple foo." Makes more sense with his other spell names having colors in them.
-IMO, Straybow is one of this game's few bishonen, along with Zaki, Oboromaru, Ryouma, Akira, and arguably Orsted.

-Akira knows what a battery is, but Masaru doesn't? Kind of strange, seeing as I'm from roughly the same time frame as Masaru, and I know what a battery is. But then, batteries might have changed somewhat between Masaru's and Akira's times.

-Has anyone else noticed that when enemies are hit with elemental spells, they glow with a different color depending on the element of the spell?
-The only female PCs in the game are Beru and Lei.

Well, that's it for now. I will definitely get HP chapter 9 up tomorrow or Saturday. Over and out.

Sorry again

Feb. 2nd, 2006 05:11 pm
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Sorry I haven't updated for a while. Nothing really "journal-worthy" was happening, and I didn't feel like doing the Harry Potter thoughts for a while. But, to make up for it, here are some of my thoughts on Dragon Quest VIII.

-I always thought Baccarat was pronounced with a silent T. Also, has anyone else noticed that it has the same name as the casino from SaGa Frontier?
-Quests involving time are quite annoying. I realized this during the Baumren quest, during which I also found out how annoying Tom is with his constant cat puns. But sabrecats are rather cool.
-I've gained an eensy-weensy bit of respect for Jessica, since she ripped on Prince Charmles so much during the Argon Lizard subquest. But she's still really annoying, acting like the entire purpose of the hero's quest is to avenge her brother. Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it's pretty close to the truth, right?
-Seven words: Multi-target instant kill spells kick ass. Once, I used Thwack on a group of Treevils (I think they were Treevils), and it killed all of them.
-Apparently, the fight with Dhoulmagus is coming up. It's going to be a nasty one, if what I've heard about it is true.

I'll close with one of my favorite RPG quotes.
“You intend to evolve Filgaia with the lost wisdom of Hyades? That is merely a misperception. It's like painting a lousy picture with expensive paint. And that lousy painter is you.”- Clive Winslet, Wild Arms 3
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-Well, I was right about Jessica, but a bit off. I thought she'd be an "Angsty-Sue," but she's a "Bitch-Sue." Oh, well. Close enough.
-Say what you will, I like Angelo. Maybe it's just my love for silver-haired bishonen in general, or maybe it's the fact that the two of us have similar voices. But I like him.
-I really dislike King Trode. I actually hated him from the beginning of the game, thanks to his nearly getting the group kicked out of Farebury, but that flashback scene with Yangus just clinched it.

Well, that's all I've got to say for now. Be back soon! :)
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Well, I've actually really gotten into DQVIII, so I thought I'd post some of my thoughts on it.

-A LOT of the characters in the game have really irritating voices.
-Bangerz and Mash...I get it. Very funny, SquareEnix.
-For some reason, I have a feeling that Miss Jessica Albert is this game's designated Mary Sue. Let's see...at least four men madly in love with her (well, two boys and two men), powerful magic-user, from noble blood, and her "last will and testament" letter seems quite whiny and overly apologetic. BTW, I don't really like the term "Mary Sue" much. I just used it here because I couldn't think of a better one.
-Has anyone else noticed that the town theme for Alexandria sounds infuriatingly like that awful "It's A Small World" song? It does!

Well, I'll stop here. I'll traverse the Tower of Alexandria later today and hopefully get more thoughts. TTFN!


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