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Date: 5/1/13

I'm Christmas shopping with my father and sisters in what seems like a shopping mall a couple towns away from my home, but I realize that it's a dream when I see that there's a bookstore there, when the bookstore in said mall went out of business a couple years ago. I then explore the mall, only for it to be completely different, with some interesting stores, like a pet daycare with cats, dogs, chickens, and rats. I find some good presents, but the mall seems to want to absorb me and my family, like an Eldritch Location of some kind.
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 Date: 12/3/10

I'm walking down a street, with windows opening on a long corridor with pictures of various American heroes, including, oddly enough, Huey Freeman from "The Boondocks." At the end of the street is a beautiful garden, which doubles as a playground. While there, I see my sister and we talk about various things.
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 Have you ever had a nightmare that, when you wake up, you can't remember it? That happened to me last night, and it was a profoundly disturbing experience.
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 Date: 7/15/10

I was playing Super Mario RPG, and was in a place that looked a lot like Nimbus Castle, but with bizarre new enemies. The only one I can remember, though, was the "Hierophant Door," a giant door marked with the Japanese character "大" that, when killed, exploded and wiped out my whole party. There was also a weird dungeon-type area which looked like one of the lava areas in the Pipe Vault, where I fought the Czar Dragon, most likely to get some sort of item to open the Hierophant Door.
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 I've decided to record my more distinctive dreams here, starting now.

Date: 7/4/10
In this dream, I'm an observer, rather than a participant. For some reason, it's in a setting vaguely reminiscent of Final Fantasy X (using the term "Suppression Corps," the Japanese name for the Crusaders in FFX), but in a town called Choras, which seemed to be a medium-sized, fairly modern town. There was a beach near what seemed to be an orphanage, where the orphans are forced to clean up graffiti on the beach for some reason, but I think that it had something to do with the Suppression Corps. They were theoretically allowed to swim in the ocean, but were guilt-tripped for it.

That's all I can really remember of that particular dream, but. Any future dreams that I can remember clearly will go up here as well. TTFN!
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Last night, I had a really bad dream where my brother was dying of cancer and I wanted to go out and see him, but I couldn't for some reason. Thankfully, it was all just a dream, and Jack is all right. That's really all I wanted to say.


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