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It's been a long time singe I've done one of these, I know, but what the heck. Here's a list of translations of the plot-important and rare item fields in the PS2 .hack games. As a note, I'm going to be translating them using something similar to the in-game keyword system, which means that sometimes the translation will look a bit clunky. If I have an idea for a less-clunky way of carrying off the same basic idea, that will be included in the notes. So, let's log on!

English - Japanese - romaji - my translation

Δ Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field Δ 萌え立つ 過ぎ越しの 碧野 Δ Moetatsu Sugikoshi no Aono Δ Sprouting Paschal Green Field
碧 can mean blue or green, which explains the "aqua" in the official translation. I chose to go with "green" because that makes more sense given the context.

Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground - Δ 隠されし 禁断の 聖域 - Δ Kakureshi Kindan no Seiiki - Δ Hidden Prohibited Sacred Precincts

Δ Detestable Golden Sunny Demon - Δ 疎ましき 金色の 陽鬼 - Δ Utomashiki Kin'iro no Youki - Δ Disagreeable Golden Youki
陽鬼 was a bit of a headache for me, which is why I chose to leave it untranslated. Searching for it only turned up results for these games, but "sunny demon" seems to be an adequate translation. For what it's worth, the 陽 means yang, as in yin and yang.

Δ Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand - Δ 茫漠たる 騒霊の 沙海 - Δ Houbakutaru Sourei no Sakai - Δ Limitless Haunted Sandsea

Δ Closed Oblivious Twin Hills - Δ 閉ざされし 忘却の 双丘 - Δ Tozasareshi Boukyaku no Soukyuu - Δ Sealed Oblivious Twin Hills

Δ Discovered Primitive Touchstone - Δ 露見せる 原初の 試金石 - Δ Rokenseru Gensho no Shikinseki - Δ Detected Primordial Touchstone

Δ Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage - Δ 心なき 過食の 巡礼 - Δ Shin'naki Kashoku no Junrei - Δ Heartless Overeating Pilgrimage

Δ Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls - Δ 果てなき 大罪の 塁壁 - Δ Hatenaki Daizai no Ruiheki - Δ Endless Sinful Rampart
My name: Rampart of Endless Sin.

Δ Detestable Golden Messenger - Δ 疎ましき 金色の 使い魔 - Δ Utomashiki Kin'iro no Tsukaima - Δ Disagreeable Golden Familiar

Δ Raging Passionate Melody - Δ 激怒する 情熱の 旋律 - Δ Gekidosuru Shounetsu no Senritsu - Δ Raging Passionate Melody

Θ Quiet Eternal White Devil - Θ 静穏なる 久遠の 白魔 - Θ Seion'naru Kuon no Hakuma - Δ Tranquil Eternal White Devil

Δ Plenteous Smiling Hypha - Δ 豊穣なる 微笑の 菌糸 - Δ Houjounaru Bijou no Kinshi - Δ Fertile Smiling Hypha

Δ Detestable Golden Scent Δ 疎ましき 金色の 香り Δ Utomashiki Kin'iro no Kaori - Δ Disagreeable Golden Fragrance

Δ Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder - Δ 忌まわしき 破壊者の 遠雷 - Δ Imawashiki Hakaisha no Enrai - Δ Abominable Destroyer's Distant Thunder

Θ Soft Solitary Tri-Pansy - Θ 柔らかき 孤高の 三色すみれ - Θ Yawarakaki Kokou no Sanshokusumire - Θ Soft Solitary Pansy
The "tri" in the official translation likely came from the fact that the 三色すみれ can be translated as "tri-colored violet", but it also means "pansy".

Δ Putrid Hot-Blooded Scaffold - Δ 鼻曲がる 沸血の 処刑場 - Δ Hanamagaru Fukketsu no Shokeijou - Δ Stinking Blood-Boiling Execution Site

Θ Cursed Despaired Paradise - Θ 呪われし 失意の 楽園 - Θ Norowareshi Shitsui no Rakuen - Θ Cursed Dejected Pleasure Garden
My name: Cursed Garden of Dejection.

Θ Collapsed Momentary Spiral - Θ 瓦解せる 刹那の 螺旋 - Θ Gakaiseru Setsuna no Rasen - Θ Failed Momentary Spiral

Δ Detestable Golden New Truth - Δ 疎ましき 金色の 新事実 - Δ Utomashiki Kin'iro no Shinjijitsu - Δ Disagreeable Golden New Truth

Θ Beautiful Someone's Treasure Gem - Θ 美しき 誰がための 宝珠 - Θ Utsukushiki Tagatame no Houseki - Θ Beautiful Someone's Gem

Δ Buried Pagan Fiery Sands - Δ 埋もれし 異教の 熱砂 - Δ Umoreshi Ikyou no Nessa - Δ Buried Pagan Hot Sand

Δ Lonely Silent Great Seal - Δ 孤立せる 沈黙の 大蓋 - Δ Koritsuseru Chinmoku no Daigai - Δ Isolated Silent Great Cover

Θ Great Distant Fertile Land - Θ 大いなる 最果ての 沃土 - Θ Ooinaru Saihate no Yokudo - Θ Large Frontier Fertile Ground

Θ Chosen Hopeless Nothingness - Θ 選ばれし 絶望の 虚無 - Θ Erabareshi Zetsubou no Kyomu - Θ Chosen Despairing Void

Δ Hideous Someone's Giant - Δ 忌まわしき 誰がための 巨人 - Δ Imawashiki Tagatame no Kyojin - Δ Abominable Someone's Giant

Δ Detestable Golden Gate - Δ 疎ましき 金色の 門 - Δ Utomashiki Kin'iro no Mon - Δ Disagreeable Golden Gate

Δ Voluptuous Her Remnant - Δ 悩ましき 彼女の 残留思念 - Δ Nayamashiki Kanojou no Zanryuushinen - Δ Troubling Her Leftover Thoughts

Δ Hideous Organ Market Scaffold - Δ 忌まわしき 臓器売りの 処刑場 - Δ Imawashiki Zoukiuri no Shokeijou - Δ Abominable Organ-Selling Execution Site

Δ Dog Dancing Passionate Tri-Pansy - Δ 犬踊る 情熱の 三色すみれ - Δ Inuodoru Shounetsu no Sanshokusumire - Δ Dog-Dancing Passionate Pansy

Θ Soaring Sky Bounded Abyss - Θ 空疎なる 因縁の 深淵 - Θ Kuusonaru In'nen no Shin'en - Θ Futile Fate's Abyss

Λ Detestable Vengeful Sunny Demon - Λ 疎ましき 逆襲の 陽鬼 - Λ Utomashiki Gyakushuu no Youki - Λ Disagreeable Counterattacking Youki

Λ Dolorous Evil-Eyed Widow - Λ 哀切なる 邪眼の 未亡人 - Λ Aisetsunaru Jagan no Miboujin - Λ Pathetic Evil-Eyed Widow
Λ Lightless Distant Dead Lands - Λ 光なき 最果ての 死地 - Λ Hikarinaki Saihate no Shidoma - Λ Lightless Frontier Dead Land

My name: Dead Land of the Lightless Frontier.

Λ Collapsed Pagan Remains - Λ 瓦解せる 異教の 遺跡郡 - Λ Gakaiseru Ikyou no Isekigun - Λ Failed Pagan Ruins District

Λ Quiet Oblivious Cabbage - Λ 静穏なる 忘却の 水芭蕉 - Λ Seion'naru Boukyaku no Mizubashou - Λ Tranquil Oblivious Skunk Cabbage

Λ Detestable Vengeful Messenger - Λ 疎ましき 逆襲の 使い魔 - Λ Utomashiki Gyakushuu no Tsukaima - Λ Disagreeable Counterattacking Familiar

Λ Nameless Seeker's Prairie - Λ 名もなき 希求者の 風野 - Λ Meimonaki Kikyuumono no Fuuno - Λ Nameless Seeker's Wind Plain

Λ Bottomless Guffawing Raw Ore - Λ 底知れぬ 大笑いの 造岩物質 - Λ Sokoshirenu Oowarai no Zouganbusshitsu - Λ Bottomless Great Laughter's Rock-Forming Material
"Rock-Forming Material" is kind of clunky, I know, but it's the best I could do with what I had.

Λ Resurrecting Confused Judgment - Λ 蘇生する 惑乱の 裁き - Λ Soseisuru Wakuran no Sabaki - Λ Resurrected Confusing Judgment

Λ Merciless Grieving Furnace - Λ 容赦なき 嘆きの 竈 - Λ Youshanaki Nageki no Kamado - Λ Merciless Grieving Hearth

Λ Detestable Vengeful Scent - Λ 疎ましき 逆襲の 香り Λ Utomashiki Gyakushuu no Kaori Λ Disagreeable Counterattacking Fragrance

Λ Detestable Vengeful New Truth - Λ 疎ましき 逆襲の 新事実 - Λ Utomashiki Gyakushuu no Shinjijitsu - Λ Disagreeable Counterattacking New Truth

Λ Stalking Silent Footstep - Λ にじり寄る 沈黙の 足音 - Λ Nijiriyoru Chinmoku no Ashioto - Λ Slithering Silent Footstep

Λ Shapeless Haunted Holy Ground - Λ 姿なき 騒霊の 聖域 - Λ Sugatanaki Sourei no Seiiki - Λ Shapeless Haunted Sacred Precincts

Λ Bitter Hot-Blooded Sand Trap - Λ ほろ苦き 沸血の 砂地獄 - Λ Horonigaki Fukketsu no Sunajigoku - Λ Bitter Blood-Boiling Sand Hell

Λ Bottomless Hopeless Footstep - Λ 底知れぬ 絶望の 足音 - Λ Sokoshirenu Zetsubou no Ashioto - Λ Bottomless Despairing Footstep

Λ Dying Madness Haunted Land - Λ 滅びゆく 狂乱の 魔境 - Λ Horobiyuku Kyouran no Makyou - Λ Ruined Mad Evil Lands
For what it's worth, 魔境 is the same term that was localized as "Deep Darkness" in Earthbound.

Λ Dazzling Sage's Arctic - Λ まばゆき 賢者の 極北 - Λ Mabayuki Kenja no Kyokuhoku - Λ Dazzling Sage's Far North

Λ Blooming Promised Walkway - Λ 花開く 約束の 散歩道 - Λ Hanahiraku Yakusoku no Sanpomichi - Λ Blossoming Promise's Walkway

Λ Scattering Fossil's Milestone - Λ 散逸する 化石の 道標 - Λ San'itsusuru Kaseki no Michishirube - Λ Scattered Fossil Signpost

Λ Pulsating Worst Core - Λ 脈動する 最悪の 中心核 - Λ Myakudousuru Saiaku no Chuushinkaku - Λ Pulsating Worst Central Core
My name: Pulsating Core of Utmost Evil.

Λ Detestable Vengeful Gate - Λ 疎ましき 逆襲の 門 - Λ Utomashiki Gyakushuu no Mon - Λ Disagreeable Counterattacking Gate

Θ Bitter Fantasy Mirror World - Θ ほろ苦き 夢幻の 鏡像世界 - Θ Horonigaki Mugen no Kyouzou Sekai - Θ Bitter Fantastic Mirror World
My name: Mirrored World of Bitter Fantasies.

Λ Capricious Unending Corridor - Λ 移り気な 堂々巡りの 回廊 - Λ Utsurugi na Doudoumeguri Kairou - Λ Whimsical Back-and-Forth Corridor

Λ Bottomless Soul Kaleidoscope - Λ 底知れぬ 魂の 万華鏡 - Λ Sokoshirenu Tamashii no Mangekyou - Λ Bottomless Soul's Kaleidoscope

Λ Lightless Sacred Remains Λ 光なき 不可侵の 遺跡群 Λ Hikarinaki Fukashin no Isekigun Λ Lightless Sacred Ruins District

Θ Rejecting Oblivious Wavemaster - Θ 拒絶する 忘却の 呪文使い - Θ Kyozetsusuru Boukyaku no Juumontsukai - Θ Refusing Oblivious Spellcaster

Λ Stalking Betrayed Nothingness - Λ にじり寄る 裏切りの 虚無 - Λ Nijiriyoru Uragiri no Kyomu - Λ Slithering Treacherous Void

Σ Chatting Snaring Twins - Σ 談笑する 謀略の 双子 - Σ Danshousuru Bouryaku no Futago - Σ Chatting Scheming Twins

Σ Cracked Worst Milestone Σ ひび割れた 最悪の 道標 Σ Hibiwareta Saiaku no Michishirube Σ Cracked Worst Signpost

Σ Detestable Gambler's Sunny Demon - Σ 疎ましき 勝負師の 陽鬼 Σ Utomashiki Shoubushi no Youki - Σ Disagreeable Gambling Youki

Σ Detestable Gambler's Messenger - Σ 疎ましき 勝負師の 使い魔 - Σ Utomashiki Shoubushi no Tsukaima - Σ Disagreeable Gambling Familiar

Σ Attracting Fated Ebb and Flow - Σ 惹かれあう 運命の 満ち引き - Σ Hikareau Unmei no Michihiki - Σ Mutually Attracting Fate's Ebb and Flow
My name: Ebb and Flow of Destined Attraction.

Σ Dolorous Promised Clavicle - Σ 哀切なる 約束の 鎖骨 - Σ Aisetsunaru Yakusoku no Sakotsu - Σ Pathetic Promise's Collarbone

Σ Soaring Sky Madness Compass - Σ 空疎なる 狂乱の 羅針盤 - Σ Kuusonaru Kyouran no Rashinban - Σ Futile Mad Compass

Σ Spun Bloody Tragedy - Σ 紡がれし 鮮血の 悲劇 - Σ Tsumugareshi Senketsu no Higeki - Σ Weaving Fresh Blood's Tragedy

Λ Pulsating Truth's Core - Λ 脈動する 真実の 中心核 - Λ Myakudousuru Shinjitsu no Chuushinkaku - Λ Pulsating True Central Core
My name: Pulsating Core of Truth.

Σ Generous Bemused Virgin - Σ 心広き 困惑の 聖女 - Σ Kokorohiroki Konwaku no Seijo - Σ Big-Hearted Bewildered Saintly Woman

Σ Tested Quicksilver Valkyrie - Σ 試されし 光速の 戦乙女 - Σ Tamesareshi Kousoku no Sen'otome - Σ Tested Light-Speed Battle Maiden

Σ Turbulent Distrusting Ice Wall - Σ 逆巻ける 不信の 氷壁 - Σ Sakamakeru Fushin no Hyouheki - Σ Surging Distrusting Ice Wall

Σ Rising Implacable Sipping Bug - Σ 満ち溢れる 不倶頂戴の すすり虫 - Σ Michiafureru Fuguchoudai no Susurimushi - Σ Overflowing Unpleasable Sipping Bug

Σ Dying Windmill's Neigh - Σ 滅びゆく 風車の いななき - Σ Horobiyuku Kazaguruma no Inanaki - Σ Ruined Windmill's Neigh

Σ Detestable Gambler's Scent - Σ 疎ましき 勝負師の 香り - Σ Utomashiki Shoubushi no Kaori - Σ Disagreeable Gambling Fragrance

Σ Detestable Gambler's New Truth - Σ 疎ましき 勝負師の 新事実 - Σ Utomashiki Shoubushi no Shinjijitsu - Σ Disagreeable Gambling New Truth

Σ Expansive Corrupted Ridgeline - Σ 茫漠たる 大罪の 稜線 - Σ Houbakutaru Daizai no Ryousen - Σ Limitless Sinful Ridgeline

Σ Dying Grieving Battlefield - Σ 滅びゆく 嘆きの 古戦場 - Σ Horobiyuku Nageki no Kousenjou - Σ Ruined Grieving Historic Battlefield
My name: Ruined Battlefield of Grief.

Σ Sorrowful Sweltering Arena - Σ 涙する 焦熱の 闘技場 - Σ Namidasuru Shounetsu no Tougijou - Σ Tearful Scorching Arena

Σ Fleeting Fallow Chaos - Σ 定めなき 朽葉色の 混沌 - Σ Sadamenaki Kuchibairo no Konton - Σ Transient Yellow-Brown Chaos
朽葉色 (kuchiba iro) is literally "decayed leaf color", but that's kind of cumbersome, so I went with a rough description of the color. Since Pokémon's Vermilion City was called Kuchiba City in Japan, I was tempted to use Vermilion, but ultimately decided to go with accuracy.

Σ Resonating False Grasslands - Σ 共鳴する 偽りの 休耕地 - Σ Kyoumeisuru Itsuwari no Kyuukouchi - Σ Resonant False Idle Land

Λ Pulsating Sea of Cloud Whale - Λ 脈動する 雲海の 勇魚 - Λ Myakudousuru Unkai no Yuugyo - Λ Pulsating Cloudsea's Whale
勇魚 is literally "courageous fish," but is also an old term for "whale."
My name: Whale of the Pulsating Sea of Clouds.

Σ Detestable Gambler's Gate - Σ 疎ましき 勝負師の 門 - Σ Utomashiki Shoubushi no Mon - Σ Disagreeable Gambling Gate

Σ Noisy Sacred Ringing Ears - Σ ざわめく 不可侵の 耳鳴り - Σ Zawameku Fukashin no Miminari - Σ Noisy Sacred Tinnitus

Σ Unusual Ghostly Remnant - Σ 非凡なる 妖気の 残留思念 - Σ Hibon'naru Youki no Zanryuushinen - Σ Unique Spiritual Power's Leftover Thoughts

Σ Barking Hot-Blooded 500 Lohan - Σ 吠え猛る 沸血の 五百羅漢 - Σ Hoetakeru Fukketsu no Gohyakurakan - Σ Howling Blood-Boiling Five Hundred Arhats

Σ Greedy Gambler's Drift - Σ 欲深き 勝負師の 吹き溜まり - Σ Yokubukaki Shoubushi no Fukidamari - Σ Greedy Gambling Snowdrift

Σ Tested Morphean Alchemy - Σ 試されし 夢産みの 錬金術 - Σ Tamesareshi Yumeumi no Renkinjutsu - Σ Tested Dream-Weaving Alchemy

Σ Ancient Destroyer's Battlefield - Σ 年経た 破壊者の 古戦場 - Σ Toshiheta Hakaisha no Kousenjou - Σ Ancient Destroyer's Historic Battlefield

Σ Entwined Prejudiced Chaos - Σ からみつく 偏愛の 混沌 - Σ Karamitsuku Hen'ai no Konton - Σ Coiled Preferential Chaos

Σ Abrasive False Tragedy - Σ 舌を出す 偽りの 悲劇 - Σ Shitawodasu Itsuwari no Higeki - Σ Insulting False Tragedy

Ω Bigoted Snowflake's Capsule - Ω 頑迷なる 六花の 被膜 - Ω Ganmeinaru Rikka no Himaku - Ω Obstinate Snowy Membrane

Σ Screaming Wind Sand's Fate Castle - Σ 絶叫する 風紋の 宿命城 - Σ Zekkyousuru Fuumon no Shukumeijou - Σ Screaming Wind Ripples' Destiny Castle
My name: Fated Castle of the Screaming Wind Ripples.

Ω Detestable Elusive Sunny Demon - Ω 疎ましき 神出鬼没の 陽鬼 - Ω Utomashiki Shinshutsukiboshi no Youki - Ω Disagreeable Elusive Youki

Ω Detestable Elusive Messenger - Ω 疎ましき 神出鬼没の 使い魔 - Ω Utomashiki Shinshutsukiboshi no Tsukaima - Ω Disagreeable Elusive Familiar

Σ Unmatched Worst Abyss - Σ 比類なき 最悪の 深淵 - Σ Hiruinaki Saiaku no Shin'en - Σ Incomparable Worst Abyss
My name: Unparalleled Abyss of Utmost Evil.

Σ Breezing Sage's Walkway - Σ 風遊ぶ 賢者の 散歩道 - Σ Kazeasobu Kenja no Sanpomichi - Σ Breezing Sage's Walkway

Ω Cruel Vindictive Scars - Ω 過酷なる 復讐の 傷跡 - Ω Kakokunaru Fukushuu no Kizuato - Ω Cruel Vengeful Scars
My name: Scars of Cruel Vengeance.

Σ Graceful Tempting Fallen Angel - Σ たおやかな 誘惑の 堕天使 - Σ Taoyakana Yuuwaku no Datenshi - Σ Graceful Tempting Fallen Angel
My name: Graceful Fallen Angel of Temptation.

Ω Obedient Someone's Knights - Ω 従順なる 誰がための 騎士団 - Ω Juujunnaru Tagatame no Kishidan - Ω Obedient Someone's Knights

Ω Detestable Elusive Scent - Ω 疎ましき 神出鬼没の 香り - Ω Utomashiki Shinshutsukiboshi no Kaori - Ω Disagreeable Elusive Fragrance

Ω Detestable Elusive New Truth - Ω 疎ましき 神出鬼没の 新事実 - Ω Utomashiki Shinshutsukiboshi no Shinjijitsu - Ω Disagreeable Elusive New Truth

Δ Reincarnated Purgatorial Altar - Δ 輪廻する 煉獄の 祭壇 - Δ Rinnesuru Rengoku no Saidan - Δ Reincarnated Purgatorial Altar

Ω Collapsed Traveler's Fort - Ω 瓦解せる 旅人の 砦 - Ω Gakaiseru Tabibito no Toride - Ω Failed Traveler's Fort

Σ Nameless Pseudo Sea of Sand - Σ 名もなき 見せかけの 沙海 - Σ Meimonaki Misekake no Sakai - Σ Nameless Sham Sandsea

Ω Splendid Emerald Nobleman - Ω 華麗なる 翠緑の 貴公子 - Ω Kareinaru Suiryoku no Kikoushi - Ω Splendid Emerald Nobleman
The color, not the stone.

Ω Dreaming Moonlit Gravestone - Ω 夢食らう 月下の 墓標 - Ω Yumekurau Gekka no Bohyou - Ω Dream-Eating Moonlit Gravestone

Ω Muted Starving Dry Sea - Ω 物言わぬ 空腹の 干海 - Ω Monoiwanu Kuufuku no Kenkai - Ω Muted Hungry Dry Sea

Ω Rotting Countless Sacrifice - Ω 腐敗せる 億千万の 生贄 - Ω Fuhaiseru Okusenman no Ikinie - Ω Decayed Quadrillion Sacrifices
億 is one hundred million, 千 is one thousand, and 万 is ten thousand. I got "quadrillion" by combining the zeroes from those numbers.
My name: One Quadrillion Decayed Sacrifices

Ω Raging Facing Mirrors Virgin - Ω 激怒する 合わせ鏡の 聖女 - Ω Gekidosuru Awasekagami no Seijo - Ω Raging Opposite Mirrors' Saintly Woman
Ω Detestable Elusive Gate - Ω 疎ましき 神出鬼没の 門 - Ω Utomashiki Shinshutsukiboshi no Mon - Ω Disagreeable Elusive Gate

Ω Hidden Darkside Holy Ground - Ω 隠されし 月の裏の 聖域 - Ω Kakureshi Tsukinoura no Seiiki - Ω Hidden Dark Side Sacred Precincts
Specifically, the far side, or "dark side", of the moon.
My name: Hidden Sacred Precincts on the Far Side of the Moon.

Ω Sickened Imprisoned Fallen Angel - Ω 病める 囚われの 堕天使 - Ω Yameru Toraware no Datenshi - Ω Sickly Captive Fallen Angel

Ω Reincarnated Elusive Lyric Poet - Ω 輪廻する 神出鬼没の 叙情詩人 - Ω Rinnesuru Shinshutsukiboshi Jojoushijin - Ω Reincarnated Elusive Lyricist

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